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Alcoa® 40mm Straight Alloy Wheel Valve

Alcoa® Wheel Valves

Model Ref: VTRGAX40MS00N

Product Details

All Alcoa® Wheels come with a factory fitted valve, although replacement valves are available where needed.
All new valves are nickel plated and come with a nickel plated dome type dust cap that includes a seal for 100% airtightness.
It is advised that the valves are changed every time tyres are changed. This should be done using Alcoa
® Wheels VALVEgrease to lubricate the valve and valve hole area in order to prevent corrosion around the valve hole which can lead to air loss.

Please use the Alcoa® Valve Application Guide to identify the valve required for your Alcoa® wheels.

Model RefNamePrice (inc. VAT)StockSpecsQty
VTRGAX40MS00NAlcoa® 40mm Straight Alloy Wheel Valve£9.00 View Specs
VB70-01Alcoa® 7 Degree Alloy Wheel Valve£9.00 View Specs
VB60-01Alcoa® 27 Degree Alloy Wheel Valve£9.00 View Specs

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